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Technical Details / SAE O-Ring Adapters – Technical Details

SAE O-Ring Adapters– Technical Details

The threads of the SAE straight thread O-Ring Boss and the straight thread 37° JIC Flare are the same threads. The difference is the way each thread seals. While the JIC seals on a metal-to-metal flare, the ORB seals on an O-ring. This type of seal offers the best leak free connection, even if small nicks and dings are found on the sealing surfaces of the ports. This O-ring connection is highly recommended for medium and high pressure systems. Since the seal takes place at the O-ring, and not the threads, the fitting can be used multiple times. Replace the O-ring and it is ready for service again. Minimal galling takes place because there is no crushing of metal, flare or otherwise, to obtain a seal. It is also superior in vibration and/or temperature cycling environments. Another superior advantage is that the elbows and tees have an adjustable ORB thread. This allows 360° positioning when tightening for an easy connection.

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