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Technical Details / Push-On Hose Barbs – Technical Details

Push-On Hose Barbs– Technical Details

Push-On Hose Barbs are cost efficient as they DO NOT require hose clamps. In fact the use of hose clamps may reduce their sealing capability. They are designed for low pressure applications where no system spikes are experienced. The pressure rating is dependent on the type of hose selected, and depending on the hose, they are compatible with oil, water, anti-freeze, and air. They can also be used for vacuum service, exceptas refrigerant or coolant lines.

To assemble, cut the hose end off square. Then liberally lubricate the outside of the barb and the inside of the hose with a light oil, or soapy water depending on the application. Heavy oil or grease is NOT recommended. Next, simply push on the hose until it seats fully. A flat surface may be required to push against to get the hose to seat all the way. To remove the hose make a top-slit, at least an inch long, from the end of the hose back. Be careful not to nick the barb when slitting the hose. Then bend the hose down and snap it off with a quick tug.

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