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Technical Details / Flareless (Bite Type) Adapters – Technical Details

Flareless (Bite Type) Adapters– Technical Details

The 37° JIC Flareless nuts and ferrules are interchangable with Aeroquip part numbers FC2875 and FF9605. This flareless connection allows you to covert any male 37° JIC fitting into a flareless tube fitting. Assembly is simplified because no special tools are required. Not even a flaring tool is needed since there is no need to flare the tube. Errors are minimized because the ferrule cannot be assembled in the wrong direction. All the sizes assemble in the same manner and on different tube wall thicknesses. You will effectively be able to reduce your inventory, because you will be utilizing your standard 37° JIC parts that you already have in stock. Save time and money by not having to order or stock flareless fittings.

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