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Technical Details / 37° JIC Adapters – Technical Details

37° JIC Adapters– Technical Details

The 37° JIC (Joint Industrial Council) flare is a reliable, straight thread, single-flare design that is used world-wide. It is popular in many applications and environments because it is compact and easy to assemble. It also features high holding power with low torque requirements.

The 37° JIC connection consists of three pieces: the nut, the sleeve, and the fitting in a range of sizes from 1 /8" up to 2''.The sleeve not only absorbs vibration, but acts as a support to the flare during assembly and helps reduce the risk of twisting the tube. Since it is a metal-to-metal seal it can be reliably connected and reconnected multiple times. Because flaring is necessary, it is NOT recommended for thick wall tubing. For assembly instructions see the Male 37° JIC Torque Values chart below. Also see the 37° JIC Swivels page.

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