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Technical Details / 37° JIC Flare O-Ring Adapters – Technical Details

37° JIC Flare O-Ring Adapters– Technical Details

The 37° JIC Flare O-Ring Fitting evolved from the standard 37° SAE J514 hydraulic fitting. With the addition of an elastomeric O-Ring positioned in a strategic area of the sealing boundaries, hydraulic leaks vanish. The 37° JIC Flare O-Ring fitting is fully compatible with the traditional 37° design. No additional components are needed. Simply use the 37° JIC Flare O-Ring in place of the standard 37° flare fitting and enjoy the superior leak free benefits.

Assembly Instructions:
1. Inspect components for damage or contamination.
2. Install correct O-Ring in groove (if not already installed).
3. Lubricate assembly.
4. Align tube/hose to mating fitting allowing hand connection. To assure proper alignment, two to three turns of nut should be easily
5. Tighten tube nut to torque listed below.

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